Bento Ben Leite, Iah Bahia, Jan Araújo, Laura Fraiz, Lídice, Luisa Callegari, Luiz Ferreira, Malena Stefano, Nino, Roberta de Oliveira, Romulo Barros, Yná Kabe Rodríguez: lista
Curated by Mariana Destro


Every “lista” aims to be a space where concepts and standards are tested. Discourse and dynamics of each “lista” reflect and challenge society's expectations about art.

In its first edition, “lista” assembled works by Brazilian artists from different regions that broaden the idea of landscape in relation to body and nature. Seeking to explore the possibilities of online curation and expography, the exhibition brought together videos, digital images and digitized objects in which, through the body, even in its absence, conventional notions of nature and culture are disputed.