Wisrah Villefort: (S)
Curated by Thiago Granai


“(S)” is Wisrah Villefort's first solo project in Brasilia, curated by Thiago Granai. In a collaboration with deCurators, the exhibition was displayed 24/7 both in deCurators vitrine and on GUAVA website. In “(S)” Wisrah Villefort explores aspects of sound perception existing in the associations between the exhibition spaces and the exhibited works.

23:37, 2021
found sound compilation
23 min 37 sec
to access the work, please visit︎︎︎

Silver 3, 2021
ultrasonic repellent for rats and bats with noise sonication test, universal plug adapter to be set on ‘Europe’
21.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm

Label, 2021
the digital signboard outside of the gallery to be switched off for the duration of the exhibition
22 days

Labor, 2021
the internal lighting of the gallery to be adjusted brighter than that of the external environment and to be kept on for the duration of the exhibition
22 days

Labor 5, 2021
to paint the visible surface of the gallery walls white
time needed, surface dimensions

Labor 7, 2021
to cover the visible surface of the gallery floor with the chosen carpet, keep its leftover, and vacuum after installed
time needed, surface plus leftover dimensions

Husbandry, 2021
various papers, adhesive, stainless steel
30 x 25 x 4 cm

Untitled, 2021
adhesive vinyl
120 x 19,8 cm