Taís Koshino: Maelstrom


“Maelstrom” emerges from thoughts on video and animation processes by Taís Koshino. She superimposes animations of drawings made by herself over videos of small spaces that look like large landscapes, thinking of the differences and similarities between recorded video and animation. From this tension, one question arises: what beings are possible within animated image, these misshapen, “imperfect” drawings?

In Voragem (Maelstrom), a video made specially for GUAVA, Taís researches symbols of the Chinese horoscope, whose cycle lasts 12 years, as well as 12 years ago the artist herself, after being diagnosed with a chronic disease, underwent a treatment that required her to live isolated and to submit to a protocol to sterilize all objects around her, a situation very similar to the one we all live due to the COVID-19 pandemic.