Álvaro de Santana: Loops on the Tape


“Loops on the Tape” is a visual research by Álvaro de Santana, animated by Kosha, that explores the image of the sphere crossing the arc, in a loop, as a visual metaphor for existence in perpetual restlessness.

We are the rolling sphere that loops on the tape with no beginning or end, just time of restlessness, one time among many others. The restlessness of existing on a surface like the Möbius strip, a condition that forces us to wander in peace or in agony, a topological path with no end. Faced with events, whirlwinds of uncertainty, and randomness, we have what we call life — from triumphal arches to decay, everything happens without our control, like a static object in space that needs only a small momentum to launch itself, aimlessly, into the vacuum.